Sunday, 25 June 2017

Arsenal 17-18 Goalkeeper Home & Away Kits Released

Arsenal keeper Petr Čech will wear green and pink next season. The new Arsenal 2017-2018 goalkeeper jerseys were released together with the new home kit today

Arsenal FC 17-18 Goalkeeper Home Kit
This is the new Arsenal goalkeeper home jersey.

Based on Puma's goalkeeper template for the 2017-18 season, the new Arsenal 17-18 goalkeeper home shirt is dark green, turquoise green and white.

All logos on the front of the new Arsenal 17-18 keeper home kit, including a monochrome club logo, are white.

Shorts and socks in the same style complete the look of Arsenal's new 2017-18 goalkeeper shirt.

Puma Arsenal 2017-2018 Goalkeeper Away Strip
This is the new Arsenal 2017-18 goalkeeper away jersey.

Based on the same template, the Arsenal 2017-2018 goalkeeper away shirt is pink and black. It has black Puma logos and a monochromatic black Arsenal crest.

Pink shorts and socks, both with black applications and logos, complete the new Arsenal 2017-2018 keeper away kit.

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Nike AEK Athens 17-18 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Greek club AEK FC today revealed their new jerseys for the 2017-18 season. Made for the third consecutive years by Nike, the new AEK FC 2017-2018 kits introduce stylish designs.

AEK FC 2017-18 Home Kit
AEK's new 2017-18 home kit features the traditional stripes design of the club.

Inspired by the 2002-03 Champions League jersey, the new AEK Athens 17-18 home shirt returns to the traditional black and yellow stripes design of the club after last season's home jersey boasted a classy black and golden pinstripes look.

Black shorts and socks complete the new AEK home shirt.

AEK 2017-18 Away Shirt
The new AEK 17-18 away shirt is grey.

The new AEK Athens 2017-2018 away kit is grey with dark grey sleeves. the club combines the kit with yellow shorts and socks to create a fresh look.

AEK Athens FC 2017-18 Third Jersey
This is the new AEK 17-18 third strip.

The new AEK third kit for the season 2017-18 brings back the iconic double-headed eagle. The jersey is black with the historical emblem of the team on the front.

The new AEK FC 17-18 home kit is available for 50 Euro, while the new away and third shirts retail at just 40 Euro.

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Nike Eintracht Frankfurt 17-18 Home Kit Released

The new Eintracht Frankfurt 17-18 home kit was presented today. While Nike and Eintracht Frankfurt are heading into the fourth year of their partnership, the new Eintracht Frankfurt 17-18 home kit comes with the third different main sponsor in that period.

The first two Nike Eintracht Frankfurt home kits featured Alfa Romeo on the front, who were replaced by Krombacher for the 2016-17 season, while Indeed becomes the club's sponsor for three years from the 2017-2018 season.

Eintracht Frankfurt 2017-2018 Home Jersey
This is the new Frankfurt 17-18 home shirt.

The new Nike Eintracht Frankfurt 17-18 home kit features a classic and stylish white-and-black pinstripe design with an embroidered Eagle on the chest. Indeed's logo - the new main sponsor that was announced earlier today - was adapted in color to fit the new top.

White shorts and socks complete the new Eintracht Frankfurt 2017-2018 home shirt.

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New Balance Athletic Bilbao 17-18 Home, Away And Third Kits Leaked

The first-ever New Balance Athletic Club kits have been leaked by @AthleticSphera. The New Balance Athletic Bilbao 2017-2018 jerseys introduce bespoke designs, set to be released in early July 2017

Athletic Bilbao 17-18 Home Kit
This is the new Athletic Club 2017-2018 home shirt.

Featuring the traditional design of the club, the new Athletic Bilbao features red and white vertical stripes, black applications and a large Polo collar.

Black shorts and socks are expected to complete the new Athletic Bilbao 2017-18 kit by New Balance.

Athletic Bilbao 2017-18 Away Jersey
This is the new Athletic Bilbao 17-18 away kit.

The new New Balance Athletic Club 2017-2018 away shirt is black with white and red applications. The sleeve cuffs of the new Bilbao 2017-2018 away kit also come with red and white details.

Athletic Bilbao 2017-2018 Third Kit
This is the new New Balance Athletic Bilbao third kit.

The most outstanding kit of the collection, the New Balance Athletic Bilbao 2017-18 third kit is blue with a big red-white-red stripe running down the center of the shirt.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

AS Monaco 17-18 Away Kit Leaked

The Monaco 17-18 away kit introduces a new look for the French champion, produced by Nike and featuring Fedcom as shirt sponsor. It is set to be launched in the coming weeks.

Monaco 17-18 Away Kit
This is the Monaco 2017-2018 away jersey.

Predominantly light blue, the Monaco 2017-18 change shirt has slightly paler and brighter sleeves, based on Nike's Vapor template and similar to the new Inter and Galatasaray away jerseys.

The Swoosh and Fedcom logos on the front of the jersey are white, while the club's principal color, red is used in the form of thin stripes running down the sleeves and on the sides as well as one around the back of the collar.

Finally, 'Like nowhere else', a club motto, is printed on the inside neck of the new Monaco 17-18 away kit.

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo "Welcome Back to Man Utd"

A Welcome video by YouTuber Lorenzo F7: Welcome back Ronaldo to Man Utd, shows tribute to Ronaldo by Man Utd and his leaked confirm to join Man Utd, Enjoy Watching.


Full Juventus 17-18 Third Kit Leaked

The new Juventus 2017-18 third kit introduces a totally new color combination for the club, based on a Creator Studio fan design. Combining a military green base with Juventus' famous black and white colors, the new Juventus 17-18 third jersey also includes the club's all-new logo.

Juventus 2017-18 Third Kit
This is the Adidas Juventus 17-18 third jersey.

The Juventus 17-18 third kit is military green ('Craft Green') with black logos and a black and white horizontal chest stripe, inspired by the green shirt worn in the late 1940s until the early 1950s. Apart from that, the Juventus 17-18 third has no other outstanding design features, in line with the club's identity.

Probably the most remarkable element is the new club logo, which sits on the left chest of the jersey - it's also been tipped that the crest redesign is the reason behind Adidas slightly changing the look of the chest stripe compared to the fan design.

Black shorts and green socks, both with accents in the respective other color, complete the Adidas Juventus 2017-2018 third kit.

The Juventus 2017-2018 third jersey is set for a launch in late July.

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