Saturday, 10 June 2017

Official: Arsenal 17-18 Away Kit Leaked

Update: The first official pictures of the Arsenal 17-18 away kit have been leaked, hinting at a near release.

The Arsenal 17-18 away kit brings a fresh look to North London, combining two shades of blue through a gradient. Again made by Puma and featuring Emirates as main sponsor, the Arsenal 2017-2018 away jersey is set for a release in the near future.

Arsenal 17-18 Away Kit
This image shows Arsenal's new 2017-2018 away jersey.

The Arsenal 2017-2018 away jersey combine two shades of blue in a gradient design. Described as mixing "a sense of style with a touch of class", the Arsenal 2017-18 away kit has a crew-neck collar and blurred navy stripes running down each sleeve. The Arsenal 17-18 away shirt's official colors are Blue Danube (light blue) and Limoges (dark blue).

While the logos on the Arsenal 2017-2018 away shirt are white, its gradient style leads to the use of dark blue shorts and socks.

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Exclusive: Celtic 17-18 Away Kit Leaked

The New Balance Celtic 17-18 away kit introduces a classy look with hoops in shades of green that are combined with metallic gold accents. It's set to be released in the next days. Thanks to Fobs for the pictures.

Celtic 2017-18 Away Kit
New Balance's Celtic 2017-2018 away jersey is dark green.

The Celtic 17-18 away shirt is dark green with hoops in the club's traditional shade of green. Just like on the home shirt, the logos on the Celtic 2017-2018 away jersey are gold-metallic.

Both the shorts and the socks of the new Celtic 17-18 away kit will also be dark forest green to offer a good contrast to the home and away jerseys.

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United give up on re-signing Real Madrid star

MANCHESTER UNITED won’t ever be able to re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo, according to reports.

Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Real Madrid to back-to-back Champions League titles after scoring twice in their 4-1 win over Juventus in Cardiff on Saturday.

The Portuguese superstar has gone from strength to strength ever since sealing an £80million switch to the Bernabeu from United in 2009.

United fans have always hoped Ronaldo, who reached the landmark of 600 career goals in the Champions League final, would one day return to Old Trafford.

But the Daily Star claim a deal is unattainable.

A United source told the paper: “Ronaldo has made it clear that he won’t ever come back to United.

“It could have happened at one stage, but not now.

“The club has now accepted a deal for him will never happen and has moved on.”

The news will come as a further blow to United after it emerged Gareth Bale won’t leave the Bernabeu.

Jose Mourinho had been keeping a close eye on the Welshman as he seeks to add more pace to his wings.

But now it seems he will have to pursue other targets.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Official: Juventus 17-18 Kit Leaked

Update: A new picture of Miralem Pjanić wearing the Juventus 17-18 home kit has been leaked. It is set to be released on June 7.

Update: All official pictures of the Juventus 17-18 home kit have been leaked, strongly suggesting that the release is near.

Whereas the Juventus 2017-18 away jersey is yellow and blue, inspired by the coat of arms of the city of Turin, the Juventus 17-18 kit is more along the lines of the first two Juventus home shirts by Adidas. The Adidas Juventus 2017-2018 shirt is sponsored by Jeep. It is expected to be released in early June.

For the first time ever, the Juventus 17-18 home kit features the new 'J' crest that was unveiled in January.

Juventus 17-18 Home Kit
This image shows the Juventus 2017-2018 home jersey.

Staying true to its roots, the Juventus 17-18 shirt features black and white stripes. Compared to the current Juventus jersey, the Adidas Juventus 2017-18 kit has thinner stripes, adding up to around nine stripes across the front instead of five. The back of the Juventus 2017-2018 jersey features a broad black center stripe for player names and numbers, like in the old days.

Apart from that, the Juventus 17-18 kit has stripes on the sleeves again, while the Adidas' omnipresent three stripes are placed along the sides. To complete the design, subtle splashes of gold feature in the form of the Adidas Performance logo and the three stars above the crest, which commemorate the club's many Serie A titles. Another change from previous years is the design of the Jeep sponsor logo, which is white with a subtle black outline.

Last but not least, the shorts and socks of the Juventus 17-18 home kit are both white, with black Adidas stripes and a gold Adidas Performance logo.

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Celta Vigo 17-18 Home, Away & GK Kits Released

Spanish club Celta Vigo this morning unveiled its new home and away kits, once again produced by Adidas and featuring Estrella Galicia as main sponsor.

Celta 17-18 Home Kit
This is the Celta 2017-2018 home jersey by Adidas.

Under the motto 'from the stadium to the street', Adidas combined modern and classic details for the Celta Vigo 2017-18 shirt. The jersey has a red v-collar, broad red sleeve cuffs and lateral Adidas stripes in the same color.

A subtle pattern of horizontal stripes adds to the clean look of the new Celta Vigo home kit, which is completed by white shorts and sky blue socks, both featuring red accents.

Celta Vigo 17-18 Away Kit
This image shows the new Adidas Celta Vigo away shirt.

Keeping the balance between traditional and modern just as expertly, the Celta Vigo 2017-2018 away jersey is black with sky blue applications. Here, the Adidas stripes sit on the shoulders and next to a henley collar like the one used on the new Manchester United home jersey.

The Celta Vigo home and away shirts will be available at the club's official store in the coming weeks at a RRP of €80.

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Nike Ordem V 2017-18 Premier League Ball Released

Nike and the Premier League this morning unveiled next season's official ball, the Nike Ordem V. The Premier League 17-18 ball introduces a very colorful look.

Nike Ordem V 2017-18 Premier League Ball
This is the new Premier League ball, set to be used from the start of the 2017-2018 season.

Based on the new Nike Ordem 5 soccer ball model, the Premier League 17-18 ball is predominantly white and features a hexagonal grid that's not unlike the one form the 16-17 season. Whereas the previous Premier League ball was dominated by green, blue and purple, accent colors for the Premier League 2017-18 soccer ball are blue, red and yellow, which contributes to an overall very bright and garish look.

An enormous Swoosh, bright red with a grey outline, can be seen on the Premier League ball for the 17-18 season, as well as the already iconic league logo that debuted in 2016-17.

Tech-wise, the Nike 2017-2018 Premier League ball is identical to its predecessor.

To be used from August 2017, the Nike Ordem V Premier League 2017-2018 ball will be available to buy from Monday, June 5.

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Nike La Liga 2017-18 Ball Released

The official Nike La Liga 17-18 ball has been revealed. Based on the Ordem V model just like the new Premier League ball, the La Liga 2017-2018 ball features green, yellow, teal and red for accents.

Nike Ordem 2017-2018 La Liga Ball
This is the La Liga ball for the 17-18 season.

Based on the same template and design as the Premier League 2017-2018 ball, Nike Ordem V, the next La Liga ball combines a white base with green graphics, an orange Swoosh and a dark teal hexagonal grid.

Tech-wise, the Nike 2017-2018 La Liga ball appears to be identical to its predecessor.

To be used from August 2017, the Nike Ordem La Liga 2017-2018 ball is available to buy from June 5.

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