Monday, 6 March 2017

115 Years Old - Here's the Full Real Madrid Crest History

With Real Madrid celebrating its 115 anniversary, we want to give you an overview of the different logos used by the club throughout the years.

Starting off in the first years of the 20th anniversary, Real Madrid's initial crest was a monogram consisting of M, C and F for Madrid Club de Fútbol. Although it doesn't have a lot in common with the more contemporary logos, its idea is still retained in the form of the monogram as a centerpiece.

In 1908, said monogram was changed to the alignment which is still used to this day, although the logo itself again only uses two colors in white and blue.

One of the most iconic features of the current logo, the crown was gifted to the club in 1920 by King Alfonso XIII alongside the "Real" (Spanish for Royal) part of the name.

With the start of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931, the crown as removed and the club was renamed to "Madrid Club de Fútbol" again, while a purple band was added to the crest for the first time.

In 1941, after the end of the Spanish Civil War, the crown was restored, while the badge was also made in full color for the first time. Since then, only small adjustments have taken place to this iconic logo.

Real Madrid 115 Years Patch

As a bonus, when Real Madrid turned celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2012, the Adidas kits worn by the team featured a special patch (via Switch Image Project).

Which Real Madrid crest is your favorite? Should the current design be modernized? Comment below.

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