Saturday, 11 March 2017

Olympique Marseille to Sign Puma Kit Deal

According to French football news site @InstantFoot, Olympique Marseille and Puma are close to officially announcing a kit supplier partnership that would start with the 2018-19 season.

Olympique Marseille to Sign Puma Kit Deal

Puma is set to replace Adidas as Marseille jersey supplier after many years, mainly due to different views in regards to OM's stores across town, which Adidas would have liked to continue to manage. Puma won't pursue this retail space and this is what has led to Adidas' local rival to win this contract.

Adidas was previously rumored to have tabled an offer of €14 million a year (compared to the current €10 million) and it's likely that Puma's is of a similar magnitude.

Although not officially announced yet, the confirmation is close according to @InstantFoot as Puma has already started work on the Marseille 18-19 kits.

Are you happy to see Olympique Marseille team up with Puma? Would you have prepared to see the club continue with Adidas or sign with Under Armour, which was also interested? Comment below.

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