Monday, 24 April 2017

Bundesliga to Be in PES From 2018?

The German Bundesliga could be for the first time in Pro Evolution Soccer from next year, it was revealed. EA Sports has the the exclusive rights to include the Bundesliga in video games until 2018.

The German Bundesliga was never licensed in Pro Evolution Soccer yet, while a fake Bundesliga with fantasy names and kits but real players was included for the last time in PES 5. Konami was forced to remove the Bundesliga in 2006.

Fake Bundesliga in PES 5
German DFL currently give the license exclusively to EA. Hilpisch-Hahn, who is responsible for all licensing of the DFL, said that they grant the rights to the highest-bidding company as the German laws only allows that. He also said that it is well possible that the rights will be given to more than one party.

Hilpisch-Hahn also said in the interview with German Esports magazine Kicker. "We are currently talking with all those who are potential candidates and are interested in such invitations to tender. We have already felt emotions: it is important for applicants to have exclusive rights or not to be exclusive."

"It is true, in addition to the presence and the licensing rights, the award is, of course, also a marketing tool for us and other considerations also play a role here. For example, to be present in several games, reach as many people as possible worldwide and that gamer with our product Bundesliga Successful leisure activities. We have these considerations."

"We know that it is important whether you have licenses or not to maintain the value of a game. At the moment we have a very good exchange, also with Konami, and we will see where the journey is going."

Pro Evolution Soccer currently only includes two German Bundesliga teams, BVB and Schalke.

Would you like to see the Bundesliga in PES? Drop us a line below and stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.

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