Saturday, 6 May 2017

Barcelona 17-18 Senyera Jersey Leaked

FC Barcelona and Nike will bring back the iconic Senyera look in the form of an eye-catching new pre-match top. The Barcelona 17-18 Senyera pre-match jersey is sponsor-less on the front and features a blue Beko logo on the back.

Barcelona 17-18 Senyera Pre-Match Shirt
This is the Barcelona 2017-2018 pre-match jersey. (via

Inspired by the Catalan flag and an exclusive design for the Barcelona, the 2017-18 pre-match shirt is yellow with four red stripes on the front. Additionally, a single red stripe goes around the blue collar, with a blue stripe running down each sleeve of the Barcelona 17-18 Senyera jersey.

The rear of the Barcelona 2017-2018 Senyera pre-match shirt is solid yellow with a large red 'Barça' writing above the aforementioned Beko logo.

To be released together with the new match jerseys, the Barcelona 17-18 Senyera top will be worn during warmup before games.

Do you like the Senyera look of the Nike Barcelona 17-18 pre-match shirt? Comment below, and check out the Kit Overview for all the latest 17-18 jersey leaks and releases.

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